Friday, 16 October 2009

Welcome to my blog

As an ex Dog Training Instructor/Behaviour Consultant/Dog Warden/Puppy Fosterer/Guide Dogs for the Blind Puppy Walker/Dog Shelter Volunteer & Worker, I have accumulated over 35 years of experiences and memories, some sad, many happy and a few downright maddening!  I intend therefore to use this blog to get them all down in writing, for posterity and for amusement! 

Please note that I do not recommend choke chains, electric shock collars or other negative gadgets as training aids but I am not totally 'fluffy' either.  I do train by mainly reward for response methods, which I have always had good results from though I will verbally correct a dog.  I have never followed any single 'famous' dog trainers mantra - each to their own but Whisperers and Listeners generally do not impress me.  I have over the years studied various peoples 'methods' (which have normally been cribbed from someone else!) and mixed and matched the bits I liked best until I came up with my own 'way'.  But, one size does not fit all and it has to be remembered that each dog is an individual and what works for one may not work for them all.

I'll start adding to this later so watch this space!

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