Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Why I still keep my 'paw' in!

I am always happy to help those who are prepared to listen and learn.  I am not an expert - never will be - and where animals are concerned, nobody truly is because there is always something else to be researched plus animals always have something new to tell us!  But if what I have learned in the past 38 years of learning about dogs, their training, behaviour and care can help someone and/or their dog then it has all been worthwhile  I might not be able to stand out on cold, wet, windy fields and teach training anymore nor can I spend my days travelling round helping people and dogs at home but I can still help.  The reward for me is knowing that I can and that some people do take it on board, even if others prefer to fish around until someone comes up with what they actually prefer to hear - which does sadly, still happen.

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